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A vegetarian in Barcelona – my top 4 favourite places to eat

A vegetarian in Barcelona – my top 4 favourite places to eat

Mother & Daughter trip to Barcelona Last week I went with my mother to Barcelona. It was so exciting as it was a surprise for my mom and she has never been there before. For me, it was a second visit after almost 10 years. […]

Quick & easy vegan recipe, which makes the whole family happy

Quick & easy vegan recipe, which makes the whole family happy

Tomatoes & spinach with chickpeas I love simple dishes. I even think the simpler the better, pretty much with everything. Maybe except Gucci’s latest collections. Sometime this is all you need –  couple of ingredients, exotic spices and voila – great meal full of flavour […]

The Bread of Life – Seriously Amazing and Easy!

The Bread of Life – Seriously Amazing and Easy!

Making bread it’s not an easy thing. I know it from my own experience, unfortunately. I learned it the hard way. Last winter I tried to make sourdough bread, got one delicious loaf but then never got to bake again as my started died… This autumn I’m going to try again, properly with attention to detail. I’m going to start from scratch and learn from my mistakes. But in the meantime – here is something that will make you smile for sure. Delicious, easy bread, made of simple ingredients – oat bread! So genious!

This recipe was going around the internet last year or maybe even 2015. I’m a bit late trying it out, but I’m often like this. I just like to take my time with everything.

So the situation made me give it a go. Dublin is covered in snow and all shops have closed – apparently no bread left in the whole country. I like to take use my initiative and take on the challenge. And I’m so happy I tried it!

So good and easy. I was lucky to have all the ingredients at home. No porridge for breakfast tomorrow though… 😂

Recipe below:

What you need:
400g of porridge oats
500g tube of natural yoghurt
1 ts of sea salt
1 ts of baking soda
1 egg
Sunflower seeds, linseed, pumpkin seeds

What you do:
Mix all the ingredients, pour to the baking form and bake at 180 degrees for 45minutes. Yes, that’s it! Hallelujah! Enjoy! 😊

Courgette & cauliflower flan is a Sunday Winner Dinner

Courgette & cauliflower flan is a Sunday Winner Dinner

Delicious courgette & cauliflower flan which we had for our Sunday dinner. It’s always a big hit – my little ones love it! Takes some time to make but most of it (~40mins) it’s the baking time in the oven. Which is great!   My […]

You won’t believe how good (and healthy) this simple French dessert is!

You won’t believe how good (and healthy) this simple French dessert is!

Everyone has their fail-safe recipe for a good dish or dessert. Today I’d like to share mine. This is something I always go back to, when I have bananas that need to be eaten soon. It’s a delicious, easy and super good for you dessert, […]

Vegan Courgette Patties That Will Save Your Dinner

Vegan Courgette Patties That Will Save Your Dinner

Here are some delicious courgettes patties we served for last nights dinner. Sometimes you need something quick, feeling but different and most importantly – easy. This recipe is perfect for lazy evenings or last minute dinner. You spent too much time in the playground and running late for supper – make these! Or you just run out of ideas and have minimum ingredients – go for the patties! Vegan and so so tasty. You might think they have eggs, because eggs traditionally have the power to hold other ingredients together like a glue… but nope, no eggs required for those patties. What I really love about them is the lemony, zesty flavour – it just gives this extra kick. Personally I love to add capers too – there are optional if you happen to not to have them in your pantry. But just pick them up in the shop if you see them again – they will come handy.

Easy and quick to make and with a lot of potential- meaning you can add different ingredients depending on what you have or like.


Courgette Patties Recipe

You need:
2 courgettes grated
Half of glass of flour ( you can experiment with different types here)
Zest of half lemon
3 tbs of tomato paste
2 tbs of oil of olive
2 ts of capers ( optional)
Fresh herbs ( I used parsley)
Salt and pepper

What you do:
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and ensure everything is sticking together. If not you might want to add more oil. Fry a spoon of the mixture in a pan until golden on both sides. Can be served with cucumber salad or couscous. Also delicious on its own 🙂 Vegan! Enjoy

Carrot & Tomato soup with Mandarin flavour

Often when I cook, I’m driven by a need for something, a craving. This time I was craving orange colour. That’s it. It had to be sunny orange, full of energy and zest. I’ve searched through my pantry and found perfect ingredients for a soup […]

Those Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cookies are Healthier than you

Those Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cookies are Healthier than you

Here is my delicious result of experimenting in the kitchen – amazing vegan chocolate cookies (gluten and refined sugar free) 😍 I was really craving chocolate two days ago and we had none at home. We rarely have some store bought sweets. This was the […]

Beautiful Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

Beautiful Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

I always compose my meals based on their colours combination. That’s right! I don’t really analyse the nutritious value of it or its calories ( naaah!). Once you know your basics, which is pretty much: all vegetables and fruits are good for you – you are good to go to combine them yourself. My recommendation – the more colours the better!

Same as with my outfits or interiors I like to think about colour pallets and colour set when picking my ingredients. Sometimes I like to go for more calm combo while other times I like my bold set of complementary colours. If you ever done any painting classes ( like me) the knowledge of how the colours interact together will help here. But that’s more advanced level I guess. For example here I knew I had lovely bright orange butternut squash with a delicate, slightly sweet flavour. I added white feta, creamy quinoa and fabulous ruby pomegranate. I could just look at it and look for ever, it is such a beautiful combination. And bonus – it’s super tasty. Hidden bonus – it’s also super good for you!

Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad

Here you go -delicious and wholesome vegetarian salad or a meal on it’s own! Full of flavours, textures and colours – exactly as I like!

What you need:

– 1 butternut squash

– 150g of quinoa ( I used multicoloured)

– 150g of feta

– one cup of pomegranate seeds

– olive oil, salt&pepper

What you need to do:

Peel and dice the butternut squash, cover with a bit of olive oil, season and bake for 20m at 180 degrees. In the meantime – prepare your quinoa – I cook it as per package instructions for 15 minutes. You can use multicoloured for special effect. Any quinoa will look and taste good though. Once the squash is done, put it in the mixing bowl, add diced feta, pomegranate and cooked quinoa. Mix well but gentle, so the feta doesn’t get to squashed. Sprinkle with pepper and sunflower seeds of you like. Enjoy! 🙂

My Diary

A vegetarian in Barcelona – my top 4 favourite places to eat

A vegetarian in Barcelona – my top 4 favourite places to eat

Mother & Daughter trip to Barcelona

Last week I went with my mother to Barcelona. It was so exciting as it was a surprise for my mom and she has never been there before. For me, it was a second visit after almost 10 years. Previously I really enjoyed Barcelona, but  much preferred Madrid as my favourite city and I’ve already been there a couple of times. However, I am so glad I got to go to Barcelona again as it is such an amazing city and this time I got to explore other sides of it.

What I really want to focus on here is – food scene. And especially – how vegetarian friendly Barcelona is.

Spanish Cuisine

I will be honest here – Spanish cuisine was never my favourite. Two main reasons – traditional tapas supposed to be shared and I do not share my food ( OK unless I really really like you). Secondly and more importantly, the selection of vegetarian tapas is very limited. Usually it is patatas bravas – which are baked potatoes in tomato puree and some vegetarian tortilla. Both delicious – don’t get me wrong. But it could be simply not enough for a proper meal.

As it turns out, there is so much more than just tapas and that vegetarian tapas actually can be fun, delicious and plenty. Whenever I travel I love to eat local food and taste all the unique specialities ( within plant-based reach).  So let me share with you my vegetarian experience in Barcelona.

My Favourite Places for Vegetarian

El National

My number one place a place called El National. The venue was breathtaking – spacious and very stylish. Divided into sections you could choose your type of food. There’s a section with more traditional fine dining, section specialising with fish and sea food. I really want my mom to try the real tapas so went for that section. Side note: the queue was long. It was late already but we didn’t give up. When our turn came we were explained the rules of the house… This was not your usual style at all. Dining there came with instructions. Instead of waiting for the waiter to come and ask for your choice, the dishes were on the trays carried around the whole restaurant. Hot tapas were circling around and were called out by the serving waiter. You had to raise your hand to signal that you would like that particular dish. We had a great laugh when trying to decide should we wait for what we wanted or just catch what was coming your way. I’d recommend to be open minded and just go with the flow. So much fun! The atmosphere was amazing and the food 10 out of 10. Definitely worth the wait!

Flax & Kale

Barcelona is not only tapas though. Another amazing place were we ate was beautiful Flax & Kale restaurant.  It was recommended to me by a friend and I will thank her forever for introducing me to it. It’s a chain with three venues in Barcelona with slightly different profiles. We went to Flax & Kale Tellers. According to their own website: ” Flax & Kale Tallers was the first Healthy Flexitarian Restaurant in Barcelona. All the dishes there are designed not only to maximize the organoleptic pleasure, but also considering their nutritional value”. Personally, if you ask me what is my spirit restaurant – it would be this one. The venue is simply stunning, the menu is on the healthy side – plenty of raw and green options. A must for a vegetarian/vegan or a foodie. As it comes with good places – there was a queue to get it. The food was delicious and so was the wine. Very memorable and enjoyable meal after a long day of sight seeing. 10 out of 10.

Brunch & Cake

Third place we were recommended was Brunch & Cake. Venue was small and cosy. Nice decor and funny motto – In grandmothers we trust! So true though! Again, we were welcomed by a queue, luckily not very long.  Very good choice of vegetarian options. Regrettably, my dish was not as nice my mom’s. My mother’s dish was full of flavour and satisfying. I found mine a bit on a bland side, but still ate all of it – of course. I could have just been unlucky that day as everybody else food looked so scrumptious, but for a place with such a hype – I believe the taste should have been at least 9 out of 10. I would give it 7 which is generous as I love the location and 9 for the cute decor.


A fourth place where we had our dinner was a strictly vegetarian restaurant in the Gothic quarter – Vegetalia, near the Barceloneta metro station. Same as with F&K, there are three Vegetalias around Barcelona. We just found it randomly while strolling with an intention of finding place to sit down for an evening meal. The menu was very good with a selection of local and italian dishes. I had a fabulous paella there and my mother ordered a lasagne. Both were delicious. Paella is one of the traditional Spanish dishes that I truly love and already got to replicate it at home. It’s a filling rice dish with a lot of flavour and crunchy vegetables. The restaurant had a pleasant and relaxing vibe, but more casual than others. I’d give it 8 for decor and 8 plus for food. Still amazing to find a vegetarian place in the busy touristic area, so plus for that.

The sunny weather and balmy evenings definitely added to the overall experience but a lot has to be said for the richness of the Spanish cuisine from Catalonia region. Vegetarians – you’ll be fine! Go and and enjoy many delicious moments out there!

I’m already planning my next visit to Barcelona…

Delicious paella in Vegetalia.

Scrumptious sallad in Flax & Kale.

Flax & Kale.

Flax & Kale.

Brunch & Cake.