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Tenerife for Vegetarians – Read before you go!

We have finally made it to Canary Island this year. They are very popular among Irish and British people and no surprise – those islands are offering hot summer climate all year round and are only 4,5hrs away from Ireland. However for me, for that particular reason this destination was never my first choice. I had it in my head as a very touristic, crowded place.

The island is beautiful but also very industrial and built up. Plenty of motorways just along the coast and many right through the island.

Tenerife has beautiful sights – but you need to make an effort to find them.

Vegetarians will be moderately happy – it’s possible to find vegetarian options and even a vegan restaurant, but you need to know where you going.

Tapas are not vegetarian friendly – you are left with patatas bravas ( if you like fried stuff) and eggy tortilla. 

Our hotel had a good choice of vegetarian options for dinner which was great. None of them too memorable though, to be honest. We spent some time lounging at the pool and splashing in the water with kids, so hotel food was a handy option. In the hot weather  I find my appetite to be not the strongest. I usually end up eating a lot of ice cream for meals;)

We did find some interesting vegan and vegetarian eateries and I would like to share them with you here. Keep reading below.

We found a really nice vegan take away in one of the towns in the north, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It had delicious burgers and yummy smoothies – it was a lifesaver! Here’s the name: Burger Mel, address: Calle la Marina, 73, 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain 

Do your research before you go – there is a fantastic website The Real Tenerife, which has plenty of interesting information about the island.

Having said that we had really wonderful time in Tenerife, with dolphin’s safari being my highlight. Dreamy experience and I will happily be back there again.

If you ever been in Tenerife, I’d love to hear about your experience. Did you find many delicious places to eat? Let me know below in the comments. Thanks!


Delicious Vegan Burger in Mel Burger, Santa Cruze, Tenerife.

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